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When Negligence Leads To Catastrophic Injuries


When you seek treatment for an illness, condition or an injury, you expect that your health care providers have been trained appropriately to identify problems and act proactively to resolve them. Usually, these professionals meet the standard of care, so you are able to exit the medical facility in an improved condition. In a small number of cases, the level set by the standard of care is not met and the consequences can be severe.

At Djordjevic & Marmaros, LLC, we know that catastrophic injuries can occur when doctors, nurses or other staff members make a mistake in diagnosing, treating or managing a medical condition. These individuals can be held liable for negligence when the evidence proves that they provided substandard care which caused serious injury. Supporting these claims requires strong legal representation by trial attorneys because hospitals, insurers and doctors rarely admit guilt in medical negligence cases.

This is why many victims have retained our attorneys. We have devoted our legal careers to promoting our clients’ interests as they relate to medical negligence. For over 70 years combined, we have designed legal strategies and have argued our cases in courts across the country. We have established a team of medical experts who review the evidence of the medical error and provide ethical testimony in court.

Veteran Trial Lawyers With A Record Of Success In Catastrophic Injury Claims

Whether your injuries are cognitive or physical, we can design a plan to hold those responsible accountable for their mistakes. We have filed and have been successful in prosecuting our clients’ suits for errors that resulted in catastrophic injuries such as:

Our lawyers have received record-setting settlements for catastrophic injury claims in cases involving:

We recognize that the effects of a catastrophic injury are not limited to the individual harmed by a physician’s failure in judgment; there is a collateral impact on loved ones. In seeking compensation, we calculate many aspects of the victim’s future that may be addressed with damages such as:

  • Past, present and future medical bills
  • Compensation for wages lost and wages that will be limited due to injury
  • Payment for physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Monetary awards for reduced quality of life or reduced life expectancy

Our attorneys have a reputation for providing aggressive representation for our clients. Our history of obtaining high-value awards is a testament to our effectiveness in court.

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