Providing You With Experienced Representation In Your Medical Negligence Case

Since 2005, Mike Djordjevic and Pete Marmaros have advocated for victims of medical negligence throughout the state of Ohio and around the country. At Djordjevic & Marmaros, LLC, we work to hold health professionals and hospitals accountable for failing to comply with the standard of care that patients deserve. When you seek treatment for an injury, ailment or disease, you shouldn't leave in worse shape than when you entered the facility. Unfortunately, this type of scenario isn't uncommon.

We know this to be a fact because we defended hospitals and doctors early in our legal careers. Our desire to help those who suffered from medical negligence led us to shift our focus to representing the victims. Our experience in advising medical professionals gives us insight into the opposing counsel's mindset and helps us in anticipating the defense that will be provided in court.