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An Emergency Room Error Can Have Long-Term Repercussions


While trips to the emergency room are almost always unplanned, you still expect that the medical professionals who are attending to your needs meet the required standards of care. As a patient, you may be overwhelmed by the chaos of the emergency and the pressing nature of your injuries.

You assume that emergency room physicians and nurses will follow the accepted guidelines of caregiving to help you get better. Unfortunately, those on staff may omit steps that are necessary to complete a thorough patient review.

From our office in Cleveland, our attorneys at Djordjevic & Marmaros, LLC, have been helping individuals who have been affected by emergency room negligence throughout the country. Both of our attorneys are respected trial lawyers with decades of experience in advocating our clients’ cases.

Having initially represented doctors and hospitals in medical negligence cases, we are familiar with emergency room protocol. Our career history shapes the strategies we design for you.

We Thoroughly Investigate Triage Mistakes

We have represented clients and their family members relating to improper diagnoses made in the emergency room in matters such as:

  • Failure to call for consultation with a specialist
  • Misdiagnosis of cardiac issues
  • Failure to treat complications arising from surgery
  • Failure to treat pulmonary embolisms
  • Misreading test results or X-ray films
  • Failure to admit the patient to the hospital

Whether it’s a result of understaffing or errors in communication, mistakes can be made at critical points of a patient’s stay in an emergency room. During triage, the hospital staff processes patients and determines the course of action that will be followed to meet the patient’s needs. If the patient is misdiagnosed at this time, he may not receive appropriate medical care or may be sent home without receiving treatment. When a patient’s needs are not prioritized or correctly diagnosed, irreversible harm or death can occur.

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